Dime Amplification

Dean Guitars and the Dime Estate are proud to announce the new DIME Amplification line.

When we decided to make a new amp that would recreate Dimebag Darrell’s signature solid-state snarl, we enlisted the two men who knew it best, Grady Champion and Gary Sunda. Utilizing the expertise of Champion, Dime’s guitar tech of 13 years, and Sunda, legendary designer of Dime’s original and favorite amp, we have developed an amplifier line that truly captures the essence of Dimebag Darrell’s epic Guitar tone.

We felt it extremely important to enlist Grady Champion to test these amplifiers. No one knew Dime’s sound better than Grady because he had to dial it in every night for over a decade. Grady put the Dime Amps through an extreme testing phase using Dime’s actual Guitars. This was followed up with several tweaks from Gary Sunda to fine tune them and dial in the tone. After a final test run, Grady gave his stamp of approval to the new DIME D100. Having Grady’s blessing on the Dime amps was the crucial watermark and a testament to their impressive overall sound. If he believed in the quality and sound as much as we did, then we knew that we had designed an amplifier that everyone could be confident plugging into and rocking out.

The DIME D100 Head, D412SL & D412ST Eminence┬«-loaded Cabinets are built using the finest components and have been tested extensively to ensure long-lasting durability and uncompromised sound quality. Select between two channels on your D100 or D100C for crystal clear clean tones or “Far Beyond Driven” distortion. Spring reverb, lightning bolt control knobs, dual effects loops and the “DB” amp handles help define one of the most exciting and affordable series of amplifiers to hit the market!

The DIME Amplification Line is designed with Dime’s signature product philosophy in mind. To create affordable, great sounding gear that will give every aspiring guitar player the chance to take their musicianship and rock & roll dreams to the next level.

Dime D100 Head

120 Watts (rms @ 4 ohms)

80 Watts (rms @ 8 ohms)

Two channels

4-Band EQ: Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble


Boost Switch (for added gain)

Dual effects loops

Line out

FS1 footswitch included

Dime’s infamous tone

11″H x 29.25″W x 9.75″D 39Ibs.

Dime D412 SL Slant & D412 ST Straight Cabinets

Rugged roadworthy contruction

150 Watts rms Stereo, 300 Watts rms Mono

4 Eminence custom design 12″ 16 ohm speakers

4 or 16 ohms Mono, 8 ohms Stereo

3 ┬╝” Full range inputs: mono in/out, stereo left and right

30″H x 30″W x 14″D 94Ibs.

Pop out casters included


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